The Nutcracker
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The Nutcracker

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An adaptation of the classic Christmas tale for young children, complete with beautiful illustrations!

On Christmas Eve, Clara and Fritz are waiting patiently for the party to start and for their godfather, Drosselmeyer, to bring them presents. When he finally arrives, he brings many wonderful toys, but Clara is taken by a rather simple nutcracker. Her brother promptly steals and breaks it, but Drosselmeyer repairs it for her. After everyone else goes to sleep, she goes to say goodnight to the Christmas tree and nutcracker, when something strange happens. The tree and the entire room seem to grow around her, and huge, squeaking mice invade the room. . . . But her nutcracker springs to life to defend her! Clara and the nutcracker defeat the Mouse King, and the nutcracker turns into a human. They meet the Sugarplum Fairy and are entertained by dancers from all around the world before Clara wakes up. Was it all a dream?

This beautifully adapted classic tale with striking illustrations is the perfect Christmas book to share with kids!

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