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A new YEAR, a new.... U?

A new YEAR, a new.... U?

'Tis the season, everyone is making New Years Resolutions, trying to begin the year with intentions of eating better, exercising more, earning more money, traveling more, reading more, etc., ... The thing I constantly think about this time of year, is, what was wrong with the YOU before January 1st?  I of course believe we can always better ourselves and I love constantly learning, adapting and keeping myself in-check.  The thing I despise is getting to the end of each year with regret... regret we didn't loose more weight, regret we've only increased debt, regret we didn't take that big trip we wanted to, regret we didn't stick with it at the gym...  

So I challenge you to accept the person you are.

Embrace it all.  

The beautiful curves, the chocolate you have hiding in your purse, the messy hair, the fact that you hit snooze and didn't get to the gym,  YOU are exactly who you are, and that is AMAZING!

Now that you KNOW you were amazing all along, you are empowered!!!  

YOU can do anything!  If there is something you want in 2017, make it happen.  Don't just decide to make some changes because it is January 1st.  Make a plan.  Commit 100%!  Write it down, make a vision board, think about it, dream about and make it happen, no matter what.  Because that amazing person from 2016 is in there and is ready to make 2017 the BEST YEAR YET just by living life with no regret.  (that rhymed and I didn't mean it to... but I'm going to go with it....) 

My vision for 2017 is to spend my one on one time with my husband.  2016 was a CRAZY year for us and we focused a lot of our attention on our careers and our 2 year old.  I know this is something I can make happen because he is my best friend and I love spending time with him.  It is also so important to me that Juliette has a strong marriage one day, and I know that we have to exemplify that for her.  

Comment below and your visions for 2017!  I would love to help empower each of you and celebrate your successes along the way!

Cheers to 2017!  May this be the year you live with no regret!  



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